ZZ01 Zhaizhi Street as Commons 2019

Peter Hasdell, Jze Yi Kuo

Research output: Creative and literary works / consulting reports / case studiesEngineering, architectural, graphic designs


Hou Tou Street Design project was a participatory and cultural planning workshop for the design of a communal neighborhood street in Zhaizi village. In the collection of memories and imaginations for planning and design of street the workshop consisted of three steps: making models, mapping memories and visioning future. Firstly, the design team invited villagers to collaboratively make a 1:20 street model by completing their own individual house. After making the site model, villagers were encouraged to share their memories about the street life on the model through images and models. Lastly, a serious of design toolkits are provided for villagers to trigger their imagination and display future street space. The workshop generated a 20 meter-length design model, documenting a collective storytelling of over 30 villagers.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 4 Apr 2020

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