Vehicle navigation and positioning based on multi-sensor information fusion for urban application

X. Shen, J. Liu, Y. Sun, Wu Chen, M. Lu

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針對全球定位系統信號易受城市復雜的環境干擾,接收不可靠、航位推算只能進行短時間高精度導航、地圖匹配僅可在拐彎處才能提供與地圖精度相當的修正信息、城區車輛導航存在“盲區”問題,研制了采用藍牙技術的新型路標傳感器,研究了基于自適應聯合卡爾曼濾波算法的多傳感器信息融合技術。大量的試驗研究表明:采用該信息融合技術后,城區車輛導航定位精度達到10m以內,符合高精度導航定位要求。||A new kind of Beacon sensor based on Bluetooth technology is studied to overcome the "navigation blind region" in urban areas, which caused by the blockage of GPS signal due to complicated environment, increasing error of dead reckoning and shortage of map matching. Multi-sensor fusion technology based on adaptive federated Kalman filter is researched. Finally, a field test is performed, and the result shows that the proposed multi-sensor fusion algorithm can supply high precision vehicle navigation in urban, and positioning accuracy less than 10 m is received.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)85-88
Number of pages4
Journal传感器与微系统 (Transducer and microsystem technologies)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2006


  • Information fusion
  • Vehicle navigation
  • Bluetooth beckon(BB) sensor
  • Federated Kalman filter

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