Towards correctness, easiness and completeness : building a chi nese character coding input method based on dynamic structured stroke groups

Xiaoheng Zhang

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“正易全”是一个以“正”、“易”和“全”为基本指导思想的笔组型汉字编码输入法。在“正”方面 ,采用国际标准汉字集ISO10 646CJK ,并以《GB130 0 0 1字符集汉字字序 (笔画序 )规范》和《信息处理用GB130 0 0 1字符集汉字部件规范》指导编码 ;在“易”方面 ,以单双笔笔组和十来个常用部件为码元 ,按笔顺和音托等简单原则映射到 2 6个英文字母建元上 ,从而避免了传统的繁复字根 -键元对应表 ;在“全”方面 ,支持CJK中的所有 2 0 90 2字符 ,包括简体字、繁体字、日韩字和偏旁部首等 ,而且可以在不改变编码方案的前提下进一步扩充字集。正易全的单字最大码长为 5个字母 ,平均码长 4 315 ,键选率 16 4 %。该输入法的笔组 -键元设计和取码模式是在对整个CJK字集作了全字编码以后多次试验、统计和优化后确定下来的。||In Chinese character input, the form-based co di ng method is an indispensable complement to the Pinyin-based method. The former is preferable in the cases where high-speed input is needed, where a large cha racter set is required, where words of single characters or words missing in nor mal dictionaries are abundant, and where unfamiliar or rarely-used characters a re more frequently used.The present paper introduces ZYQ, a stroke-group-based Chinese character input method whose development has been kept under the guidan ce of being Correct (in respect to the norms of language education and language application), Easy (in respect to user friendliness and convenience) and Complet e (in respect to the Chinese character set available). ZYQ has a key-selection rate of 16.4%, while the maximum and average code lengths are 5 and 4.315 respec tively.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)59-65
Number of pages7
Journal中文信息学报 (Journal of Chinese information processing)
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 2003


  • Computer application
  • Chinese information processing
  • Chinese character input
  • Form-based character coding
  • Dynamic structured st roke group

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