Three-dimensionally conformal porous polymeric microstructures of fabrics for electrothermal textiles with enhanced thermal management

Su Liu, Jianliang Gong, Bingang Xu

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Three-dimensionally conformal porous microstructured fabrics (3CPMFs) are a new kind of modified fabrics with three-dimensionally conformal porous microstructures of introduced materials recently developed for wearable technology. They can effectively introduce customized functional performance based on the choice of brick materials, while at the same time maintain the excellent inherent properties of textiles. In this paper, based on the introduction of polystyrene with low thermal conductivity at only 8 × 10-4 g cm-2, we developed a kind of polyester fabric-based 3CPMF with enhanced thermal insulation, while maintaining its unique fabric texture, flexibility, moisture permeability, and light weight. It was demonstrated to be a good textile material for the fabrication of wearable electrothermal textile (ET) devices with enhanced thermal management. Compared to pristine fabric-based ET devices, this kind of 3CPMF-based ET devices can obtain higher temperatures under the same input power to provide thermal comfort for human beings, while saving more electric power to achieve the same thermal equilibrium temperature. We believe that, based on the choice of different functional materials and textiles, a wide range of 3CPMFs with customized functionalities and properties can be designed and developed for the realization of a brand-new class of truly wearable devices with desired functional performance and daily garment-like safety and comfort.

Original languageEnglish
Article number748
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 6 Jul 2018


  • 3D conformal porous microstructure
  • Electrothermal textile
  • Enhanced thermal management
  • Modified fabric
  • Polymer

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