Thermoresponsive hydrogels and their biomedical applications: Special insight into their applications in textile based transdermal therapy

Sudipta Chatterjee, Patrick Chi Leung Hui, Chi Wai Kan

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Various natural and synthetic polymers are capable of showing thermoresponsive properties and their hydrogels are finding a wide range of biomedical applications including drug delivery, tissue engineering and wound healing. Thermoresponsive hydrogels use temperature as external stimulus to show sol-gel transition and most of the thermoresponsive polymers can form hydrogels around body temperature. The availability of natural thermoresponsive polymers and multiple preparation methods of synthetic polymers, simple preparation method and high functionality of thermoresponsive hydrogels offer many advantages for developing drug delivery systems based on thermoresponsive hydrogels. In textile field applications of thermoresponsive hydrogels, textile based transdermal therapy is currently being applied using drug loaded thermoresponsive hydrogels. The current review focuses on the preparation, physico-chemical properties and various biomedical applications of thermoresponsive hydrogels based on natural and synthetic polymers and especially, their applications in developing functionalized textiles for transdermal therapies. Finally, future prospects of dual responsive (pH/temperature) hydrogels made by these polymers for textile based transdermal treatments are mentioned in this review.
Original languageEnglish
Article number480
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - 27 Apr 2018


  • Biomedical application
  • Drug delivery
  • Natural polymer
  • Textile
  • Thermoresponsive hydrogel
  • Transdermal therapy

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