Thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers and their application

Jinlian Hu, H.J. Fan

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic research


智能热敏聚合物是一种能够对外界温度的变化发生预定响应,从而使聚合物特定的宏观性能随之发生相应变化的高分子材料,形状记忆聚合物为智能热敏聚合物的一种。聚氨酯、聚降冰片烯、反式1,4-聚异戊二烯等均具有形状记忆特性。与形状记忆金属合金相比,形状记忆高分子材料具有质量轻、成本低、形状记忆温度易于调节、易于着色、形变量大、赋形容易,且易于在预定温度下被激发等特点,特别是形状记忆聚氨酯,具有结构-性能易于控制,形状记忆温度选择范围宽(-30~70℃)等优点,因而在生物医学、纺织服饰、玩具、包装、国防军工等诸多领域显示了广阔的应用前景。在纺织领域,具有形状记忆的领带、腹带、服装衬里、胸罩、绷带、运动服、军用作战服、登山服、帐篷等以其抗皱、免烫、防水、透湿、保温、定型等多种功能可通过体温或温度自动调节等智能特性,深受消费者青睐。本文对智能热敏高分子材料的研究和发展进行了回顾,重点介绍了该类材料的结构特征,形状记忆机理及其在纺织、生物医用材料、国防军工等领域的应用前景,并对该类材料的发展前景进行了展望。||Shape memory polymers(SMPs)here refer to themal-sensititve polymers with the ability to sense and respond to extemal stimuli in a predetermined shape.Some polymers such as polyurethane,co-polymer of Styrene and Butadiene,1,4-polyisoprene,crosslinked PE,etc.were found to have shape memory recovery ability.As compared with shape memory alloy,thermal-sensitive shape memeory polymers have low density,low cost,high shape recovery,are easy to dye,to shape and to be stimulated under expected switch temperature.Especially with polyurethane,the structure-property relationships are extremely diverse and controllable and the shape recovery temperature can be set in a wide range from-30℃ to 70℃.So they have found a wide spectrum of applications in such fields as biomedical,textile and garment,toy,packaging and military industries.Smart textiles are highly appreciated by customers for the multifunctions such as wrinkle-free,easy-care,water-proof,moisture vapor permeable(breathable),warmth retention,shape memeory,and automatic control to keep the wearer cooler or wamer.These products include outdoor garments,sportswear,sleeping bags,tent,bandage,brassiere,bellyband and military combat wear.A review is made of the thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers with focuses on the structural features,shape memory mechanism,along with their potential applications in textile,biomedical,and national defense industries.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)126-133
Number of pages8
Journal纺织学报 (Journal of textile research)
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 2005


  • Thermal-sensitive intelligent polymers
  • Shape memory
  • Structure
  • Mechanism
  • Application

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