The short term effect of pressure therapy and silicone gel on controlling the hypertrophic scar

Wai Ping Cecilia Tsang, C.M.J. Lau, F. Song, L. Dai, J. Li

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic research


目的: 采用客观的测试来比较硅酮敷料和压力治疗增生性瘢痕 2个月后的效果。||方法: 将96例具有增生性瘢痕的患者随机分为压力治疗组、硅酮敷料 (cicacare)组、压力及硅酮敷料综合治疗组 (综合治疗组 )和对照组。除对照组外 ,所有患者接受为期 2个月的治疗。||结果: 温哥华瘢痕量表总分显示 ,只有压力治疗组治疗前、后的差异有显著性意义。超声测量仪和色谱仪所测结果的双因素重复方差分析显示差异无显著性意义。配对t检验显示 ,与对照组相比 ,压力治疗组、硅酮敷料组以及综合治疗组在 2个月后瘢痕厚度的治疗差异均有显著性意义 ,但 3个治疗组之间的差异无显著性意义。在颜色参数方面 ,压力治疗组瘢痕的亮度 (P <0 .0 1)和红色 (P <0 .0 5 )改变的差异有显著性意义 ;硅酮敷料组瘢痕黄色 (P <0 .0 1)变化的差异有显著性意义。||结论: 根据初步的结果 ,压力治疗及综合治疗对减低增生性瘢痕厚度有较好效果。硅酮敷料治疗对改善瘢痕的血管增生和色素较为有效||Objective: To investigate the effect of pressure therapy and silicone gel on controlling the hypertrophic scar in Chinese population.||Methods: Ninety six patients recruited in the Jiangsu People’s First Affiliated Hospital, aged 21.25 (SD=19.37) were randomly allocated into 4 groups: control group, pressure therapy group, silicone gel sheeting(SGS) group and combined treatment group. Each subject was given a treatment programme lasting for two months Vancouver Scar Scale was used to assess the progress of scar. The spectrocolorimeter and the ultrasound advancement (Tissue Ultrasound Palpation System) were employed to collect the color and whole thickness of scar, respectively. Two way repeated analysis was used to analyze the interaction effect of time and treatment and paired t test was used to analyze the effect over time in each treatment.||Results: Total score of Vancouver Scar Scale indicated significant change in pressure therapy ( P =0.038) and silicone gel sheeting ( P =0.02) groups only. Paired t test showed that the scar thickness in pressure therapy group, silicone gel sheeting (cica care) and combined groups have significant difference after 2 months of application when compare with control group, but no difference among treatment groups. Among the color parameters, only redness and lightness were significantly changed in pressure therapy group, and only yellowness was significantly changed in SGS group.||Conclusion: Pressure therapy and combined therapy were more effective in reducing the thickness of scar, whereas silicone gel sheeting (cica care) was more effective in improving scar pigmentation.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)462-465
Number of pages4
Journal中华物理医学与康复杂志 (Chinese journal of physical medicine and rehabilitation)
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • Hypertrophic scar
  • Pressure therapy
  • Silicone gel sheeting
  • Control study

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