The relationship between shared decisionmaking and health-related quality of life among patients in Hong Kong SAR, China

Richard H. Xu, Annie W.L. Cheung, Eliza L.Y. Wong (Corresponding Author)

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Objective: To elucidate the association between health-related quality of life and shared decisionmaking among patients in Hong Kong after adjustment for potential confounding variables. Design: A telephone survey was conducted with patients attending all public specialist outpatient clinics in Hong Kong between July and December 2014. The Specialist Outpatient Patient Experience Questionnaire and EQ-5D questionnaire were used to evaluate shared decision-making and quality of life, respectively. We performed a Tobit regression analysis to examine the associations between shared decision-making and quality of life after adjustment for known social, economic and healthrelated factors. Setting: Twenty-six of the Hospital Authority's specialist outpatient clinics. Participants: Patients aged 18 years or older who attended one of the Hospital Authority's specialist outpatient clinics between July and November 2014. Main Outcome Measure(s): Shared decision-making and quality of life score. Results: Overall, 13 966 patients completed the study. The group reporting partial involvement in decision-making had slightly higher EQ-5D scores than the 'not involved' group and the 'fully involved' group. EQ-5D scores were higher among subjects who were younger, male, and had a higher level of education. Respondents living alone and living in institutions scored lower on the EQ-5D than patients living with families. Conclusions: Important differences in the relationship between the attitudes towards shared decision-making and quality of life were identified among patients. These associations should be taken into consideration when promoting patient-centred care and improving health professional- patient communication.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)534-540
Number of pages7
JournalInternational Journal for Quality in Health Care
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - Aug 2017
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