The primary health care program for family harmony in Wan Chai

Chung Yee Zenobia Chan, P. N. Chan

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Domestic violence has seen a sharp increase in Hong Kong in recent years. Some of the cases even end in death. Although Wan Chai is a modern area, street sleepers are abundant and concern members of the Wan Chai District Board. Statistics showed that a higher rate of spousal physical assault incidents took place in Wan Chai. The objectives of this program are as follows: a) educate the professionals, students and residents to recognize domestic violence and educate the public on how to manage conflicts and emotions or raise awareness on the side effects of substance and alcoholic abuse; b) enhance harmonious relationships among couples, and reduce the abusive behavior rate; c) improve victim safety; d) educate the concept of equity and how to respect each other in the family; e) recognize parenting techniques and provide psychological (counseling) and social (financial) support for the clients if necessary. The program will recruit 2000 residents in the Wan Chai District, and the target group constitutes couples. Campaigns and mass media are used to promote the program. Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention measures will be involved in the program. Seminars, group discussions, visitors' sharing, face to face interviews or home visits will be used to foster awareness of the problems and it is hoped that they will help give the clients social and psychological support. There is a lack of resources and manpower to educate the professionals to deal with the violent incident cases in the related sectors.
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2010

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