The multimodal construction of attitudinal meaning : an analytical model based on cognitive appraisal theory

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纵观近二十年来国内外评价研究,绝大部分关注的是语言语篇,而对多模态语篇中评价意义的探讨寥寥无几。然而,在图像、电影等多模态语篇中,声音特征、表情、手势等都是建构评价意义的重要资源。因此,本文提出系统阐释评价意义,尤其是态度意义多模态建构的跨学科理论框架。结合认知评价理论与系统功能符号学理论,我们将态度分为诱发条件,内心态度和态度表达三个部分,并为每个部分的多模态建构建立了语义系统网络。本研究既将评价理论扩展到多模态语篇,也探索了认知心理学与符号学在理论建构上的互补性。||In multimodal discourses such as images and films, vocal features, facial expressions and gestures are all important resources for constructing appraisal meaning. Therefore, this study develops an interdisciplinary framework to systematically explain the multimodal construction of attitudinal meaning. Combining cognitive appraisal theory and systemic functional semiotics, we divide attitudinal meaning into eliciting condition,inner feeling and attitude expression, and develop system networks to map out the multimodal construction at each stage. This study extends appraisal theory to multimodal discourses and explores the complementarity of cognitive psychology and semiotics in terms of theoretical construction.
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Journal现代外语 (Modern foreign languages)
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Publication statusPublished - 2014


  • Appraisal theory
  • Attitudinal meaning
  • Multimodal construction
  • Cognitive appraisal theory
  • Systemic functional semiotics

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