The invasion and reproductive toxicity of QDs-transferrin bioconjugates on preantral follicle in vitro

Gaixia Xu, Suxia Lin, Wing Cheung Law, Indrajit Roy, Xiaotan Lin, Shujiang Mei, Hanwu Ma, Siping Chen, Hanben Niu, Xiaomei Wang

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The toxicity of QD has been extensively studied over the past decade. However, the potential toxicity of QDs impedes its use for clinical research. In this work, we established a preantral follicle in vitro culture system to investigate the effects of QD-Transferrin (QDs-Tf) biocon-jugates on follicle development and oocyte maturation. The preantral follicles were cultured and exposed to CdTe/ZnTe QDs-Tf bioconjugates with various concentrations and the re-productive toxicity was assessed at different time points post-treatment. The invasion of QDs-Tf for oocytes was verified by laser scanning confocal microscope. Steroid production was evaluated by immunoassay. C-band Giemsa staining was performed to observe the chromosome abnormality of oocytes. The results showed that the QDs-Tf bioconjugates could permeate into granulosa cells and theca cells, but not into oocyte. There are no obvious changes of oocyte diameter, the mucification of cumulus-oocyte-complexes and the occur-rence of aneulpoidy as compared with the control group. However, delay in the antrum formation and decrease in the ratio of oocytes with first polar body were observed in QDs-Tf-treated groups. The matured oocytes with first polar body decreased significantly by ~16% (from 79.6±10 % to 63±2.9 %) when the concentration of QDs-Tf bioconjugates ex-ceeded 2.89 nmol·L-1 (P < 0.05). Our results implied that the CdTe/ZnTe QDs-Tf biocon-jugates were reproductive toxic for follicle development, and thus also revealed that this in vitro culture system of preantral follicle is a highly sensitive tool for study on the reproductive toxicity of nanoparticles.
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Pages (from-to)734-745
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Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - 14 Sept 2012
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  • In vitro culture system
  • Invasion
  • Preantral follicle
  • Qds-transferrin bioconjugate
  • Reproductive toxicity

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