The Impact of Service Quality on Positive Consumption Emotions in Resort and Hotel Spa Experiences

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Spas primarily sell “experience.” It is important for a spa to deliver quality services so that customers attain positive emotions, as this will encourage customers to seek the same positive experience in the future. However, previous spa studies have failed to investigate the impact of the specific dimensions of spa service quality on consumers’ emotions. This study fills that gap by identifying the dimensions and attributes of spa service quality and investigating their impact on consumers’ positive emotions attained from a hotel or resort spa experience. A survey was conducted of hotel and resort spa customers in southern China. Factor analysis was used to explore the attributes and dimensions of spa service quality, and multiple regression analysis was used to determine the impact of spa service quality dimensions on customers’ positive emotions. Responsiveness was found to be the most important determinant factor in explaining positive emotions, followed by reliability, empathy, and tangibles. The results demonstrate the importance of spa service quality in enhancing the attainment of positive emotions by spa customers. Well-designed service process, standardized service procedures, and training, can help to enhance spa service quality, generate positive emotions, and ultimately create a better spa experience for customers.
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JournalJournal of Hospitality Marketing and Management
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