The experience of first-time Hong Kong Chinese fatherhood: A qualitative exploratory study

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The father's involvement in childrearing can positively influence health outcomes not only for the man himself but also for his partner and their children. However, the experience of first-time fatherhood is limited in Chinese communities. The aim of this study is to explore men's experience of first-time fatherhood and coping in Hong Kong. An exploratory qualitative design was used. A purposive sample of 44 first-time Chinese fathers who had participated in a couple-based cognitive-behavioral intervention for postnatal depression were recruited for telephone interviews at 1–3 months postpartum. Data were collected by a semistructured interview guide and analyzed using thematic analysis. The process involved in men's transition to first-time fatherhood reveals four major themes: changes in daily life, new paternal roles and responsibilities, availability of resources to enhance adaptation, and coping strategies. The findings have implications for health care professionals and policy-makers in the provision of comprehensive perinatal care and family-friendly policies to aid men's transition to first-time fatherhood in Chinese communities.

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Publication statusPublished - 1 Sept 2020


  • Chinese
  • exploratory
  • first-time fathers
  • Hong Kong
  • interview
  • postpartum period

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