The effect of using group decision support systems on the processes and outcomes of value management studies

S.C. Fan, Qiping Shen

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作为一个能满足人们日益增长价值需求的有效工具,价值管理(VM)在很多国家得到广泛的应用。一项最近的调查发现,人们在价值管理的应用中遇到了信息缺乏,缺少互动等问题。因为业界对改善价值管理活动的需求很大以及现在网络技术的普及应用,笔者研发了一个基于网络的群体决策系统(GDSS)并探讨它在价值管理应用的效果。群体决策系统是一个综合了交互技术、数据库技术、电脑技术以及决策策略的交互电脑系统,用来辅助一个团体在用户友好的界面下发现、分析以及评估和解决问题。本篇文介绍了一个香港研究资助局资助的研究项目,介绍了项目背景、研究方法以及近期的研究成果,并讨论了将来的研究方向。||As an effective tool in meeting the increasing demands for value enhancement,value management (VM) has been widely used in many developed countries for several decades. However, a recent survey suggested that VM users encounter the problems of lack of active participation and insufficient time and information in decision analysis. As there is a strong demand for improvements to the practice of Value Management (VM) and a wide use of the Internet, research has been conducted to design a web-based GDSS (Group Decision Support System) system and explore its application in VM studies and get the effect of the application. A GDSS is an interactive computer-based information system which combines the capabilities of communication technologies, database technologies, computer technologies, and decision technologies to support the identification, analysis, formulation, evaluation, and solution of semi-structured or unstructured problems by a group in a user-friendly computing environment. This paper introduces a research project which is sponsored by Research Grant Council (RGC) of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The project aims to investigate the extent to which the use of GDSS can improve effectiveness and efficiency in the processes and outcomes of VM studies in construction projects. Research background and methods are introduced in this paper, and preliminary findings are presented. Finally, directions of future studies are discussed.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)58-61
Number of pages4
Journal價值工程 (Value engineering)
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2006


  • Value management(VM)
  • Group decision support systems
  • IVMS

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