The best practice of partnering-redesign of partnering processes

Ping Chuen Chan, Y.F.M. Tony, J. Zuo

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建筑项目一般都比较复杂,还存在许多不可预计的风险。建筑界存在着诸如在工程参与各方之间缺乏协作,相互信任度低以及沟通交流效率低等问题,这些导致了工程参与各方之间的对立关系。作为一个创新性的工程承发包模式,在过去的20年内,Partnering模式越来越多地在建筑项目中得到应用,它更好地达到了项目目标,并很大程度上减少了冲突和纠纷。对香港近期完成的6个主要Partnering项目进行案例分析,总结使用Partnering模式建筑项目的关键成功要素以及实施的主要障碍。对Partnering模式流程进行重新设计,为更好地在建筑项目中实施Partnering模式提供了方便。在本次研究的成果基础上,设计了一个Partnering模式"最佳实践"的框架结构,建议我国建筑界业者在今后的建筑项目中实施Partnering模式时加以应用。||The construction industry is a competitive business and full of risks.The industry is faced with several major problems,such as lack of co-operation,limited trust and in-effective relationships leading to adversarial relationships among project participants.As an innovative procurement approach,Partnering has been used in many construction projects in past decades to achieve better project outcomes and to reduce construction disputes.Through case studies on six recently completed projects,this paper reported both the critical success factors of Partnering projects and major difficulties in implementing Partnering in construction projects.The Partnering processes were re-engineered to improve the Partnering practice in the future.A’best-practice’of Partnering framework was developed based on the research findings.It is suggested that practitioners in China can refer to this framework during Partnering practices.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)91-97
Number of pages7
Journal土木工程学报 (China civil engineering journal)
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • Project Partnering
  • Process re-engineer
  • Best practice

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