Tests on concrete filled double-skin (CHS outer and SHS inner) composite short columns under axial compression

Mohamed Elchalakani, Xiao Ling Zhao, Raphael Grzebieta

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This paper presents stub columns tests on concrete-filled double skin sandwich tubes (CFDT) constructed using cold-formed steel tubes. The annulus is filled with micro high-strength concrete having compressive cylinder strength of 64 MPa. The outer skin is made of circular hollow sections (CHS), while the inner skin is made of square hollow sections (SHS). Eight different section sizes were used for the outer skin with diameter-to-thickness ratio ranging from 19 to 55. Three section sizes were chosen for the inner skin with width-to-thickness ratio in the range of 20 to 26. The CFDT construction was found to have significant increase in strength, ductility and energy absorption over the outer jacket. A simplified formula is derived to determine the compressive capacity of CFDT and compared against the current design rules. The proposed formula was found in good agreement with experimental results. This paper also verifies the yield slenderness limit (λey) of 82 specified in AS 4100 for cold-formed CHS stub columns.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)415-441
Number of pages27
JournalThin-Walled Structures
Issue number5
Publication statusPublished - May 2002
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  • Cold-formed
  • Concrete-filled tube
  • Double-skin
  • Steel hollow sections

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