Systemic Approach for Constraint-Free Computer Maintenance Management System in Oil and Gas Engineering

Chen Wang, Heng Li, Jeffrey Boon Hui Yap, Azrul Effendi Khalid

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Maintenance works in oil and gas (O&G) engineering are routinely plagued by delays, cost overruns, and noncompliance. When constraints are not properly identified, subsequent conflicts could be more inevitable. This study, therefore, aims to develop a constraint-free framework and a causal loop diagram (CLD) of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs) to improve conventional maintenance operation systems in O&G engineering and attaining maintenance management success. First, the practical constraints encountered by CMMS expert users from a leading international O&G company in managing maintenance equipment on O&G platforms are ascertained through a quantitative approach. Using the repertory grid technique encompassing 32 constructs relating to user interaction on a display screen, terminology and system information, learning and operation, and system capabilities influenced the application of CMMS and human interactions with the system. Second, a questionnaire survey is conducted to prioritize the factors influencing the efficacy of CMMS application. Afterward, the qualitative phase involving case study and observation within the chosen O&G company corroborated the constraint-free CMMS enhancement framework for O&G engineering involving maintenance management, human factor among maintenance crews, and data usability. Finally, a systemic approach is used to conceptualize an integrated causal mapping for a better understanding of the underlying dynamics involved in maintenance management to engender a holistic view of operations. As such, the contribution of this work lies in its examination of the potentials of a good CMMS under complex conditions, particularly to facilitate dynamic maintenance processes and optimize the administration of resources, such as labor, inventory, tools, and information, needed to shift toward sustainable and dependable operational stability.

Original languageEnglish
Article number04019007
JournalJournal of Management in Engineering
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2019


  • Causal loop diagram (CLD)
  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS)
  • Constraint-free
  • Maintenance management
  • Oil and gas (O&G) engineering

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