Synthesis, redox properties and reactivities of ruthenium(II) complexes of 1,1′-biisoquinoline (BIQN) and X-ray crystal structure of [RuII(terpy)(BIQN)(Cl)]ClO4(terpy = 2,2′:6′, 2″-terpyridine)

Wing Yiu Yu, Wing Chi Cheng, Chi Ming Che, Yu Wang

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The syntheses of the complexes [RuII(terpy)(BIQN)Cl]ClO4(1) and [RuII(terpy)(BIQN)(OH2)](ClO4)2(2) are described. The structure of 1 has been established by X-ray crystallography. The dihedral angle between the two isoquinoline rings is 37.4°. In aqueous solution, [RuII(terpy)(BIQN)(OH2)](ClO4)2shows two reversible/quasi-reversible oxidation couples assigned to the oxidation of ruthenium(II) to ruthenium(III) and ruthenium(III) to ruthenium(IV). [RuII(terpy)(BIQN)(OH2)](ClO4)2is an active catalyst for the oxidation of alkenes by PhIO.
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Pages (from-to)2963-2969
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1994
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