Synthesis and crystal structure of lanthanide sandwich complexes with mixed cyclooctatetraenyl and chelating ether side chain-cyclopentadienyl ligands: Crystal structures of (η(5)-MeOCH(2)CH(2)Cp)Nd(η(8)-C(8)H(8))(THF) and (η(5)-C(4)H(7)OCH(2)C(5)H(4))La(η(8)-C(8)H(8))(THF)

Qiancai Liu, Xiaoqiang Shen, Jiling Huang, Yanlong Qian, Albert Sun Chi Chan, Wing Tak Wong

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LnCl3reacted with K2C8H8in THF in the ratio 1:1 at room temperature and formed (C8H8)LnCl·nTHF, which was then treated with RCpK-THF (RCp = MeOCH2CH2C5H4or C4H7OCH2C5H4) to yield the title complexes (η5-RCp)Ln(η8-C8H8)(THF) (Ln = Nd (1) and Sm (2), RCp = MeOCH2CH2C5H4; Ln = La (3), Nd (4) and Sm (5), RCp = C4H7OCH2C5H4). The crystal structures of complexes 1 and 3 were determined by X-ray diffraction and revealed that the oxygen atoms of the ether group on the cyclopentadienyl ring is coordinated to the central metal atom. The central lanthanum atom is in a distorted tetrahedral geometry. The average bond distances Nd-C(η8) and Nd-C(η5) are 2.697(2) and 2.749(2) Å, respectively, while the Nd-O(THF) and Nd-O(η1) distances are 2.580(1) and 2.619(1) Å, respectively. The average bond lengths La-C(η5) and La-C(η8) are 2.842(7) and 2.740(8) Å, respectively. The La-O(THF) and La-O(η1) distances are 2.607(4) and 2.633(4) Å. (C) 2000 Elsevier Science Ltd.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)453-456
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Publication statusPublished - 28 Feb 2000


  • Crystal structures
  • Cyclooctatetraenyl
  • Ether-side chain cyclopentadienyl
  • Organolanthanide complexes

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