Synergistically enhanced electric field in inhomogeneous nanocavities for the application of recyclable SERS sensing

Jiangtao Xu, Wei Gao, Shouxiang Jiang

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The construction of plasmonic nanocavities introduces strong optical resonances by confining electromagnetic fields on the nanostructured interfaces, implying their promising applications in sensing, advanced spectroscopies, and so on. However, the exploration of plasmonic nanocavities based on integrating metallic nanoparticles with semiconductors, especially semiconductor materials decorated metallic nanoparticles, remains challenges. Here, nanostructured AgCl@Ag nanowires with inhomogeneous nanocavities were prepared and investigated. Interestingly, there exists strong coupling effect and internal electric field on the semiconductor-metal interfaces which can enhance the intensity of distributed electric field. Moreover, the prepared substrates show great SERS sensing performance with excellent reusability. This study offers a novel strategy and depth understand for the design and applications of plasmonic nanocavities.

Original languageEnglish
Article number101251
JournalApplied Materials Today
Publication statusPublished - Mar 2022


  • AgCl@Ag NWs
  • Plasmonic nanocavity
  • SERS
  • Synergistic effect

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  • Materials Science(all)

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