Syndromes of collateral-reported psychopathology for ages 18-59 in 18 Societies

Masha Y. Ivanova, Thomas M. Achenbach, Leslie A. Rescorla, Lori V. Turner, Hervör Alma Árnadóttir, May Lan Alma Mary Gerardina Au, J. Carlos Caldas, Nebia Chaalal, Yi Chuen Chen, Marina M. da Rocha, Jeroen Decoster, Johnny R.J. Fontaine, Yasuko Funabiki, Halldór S. Gudmundsson, Young Ah Kim, Patrick Leung, Jianghong Liu, Sergey Malykh, Jasminka Marković, Kyung Ja OhJean Michel Petot, Virginia C. Samaniego, Edwiges Ferreira de Mattos Silvares, Roma Šimulioniene, Valentina Šobot, Elvisa Sokoli, Guiju Sun, Joel B. Talcott, Natalia Vázquez, Ewa Zasepa

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The purpose was to advance research and clinical methodology for assessing psychopathology by testing the international generalizability of an 8-syndrome model derived from collateral ratings of adult behavioral, emotional, social, and thought problems. Collateral informants rated 8,582 18-59-year-old residents of 18 societies on the Adult Behavior Checklist (ABCL). Confirmatory factor analyses tested the fit of the 8-syndrome model to ratings from each society. The primary model fit index (Root Mean Square Error of Approximation) showed good model fit for all societies, while secondary indices (Tucker Lewis Index, Comparative Fit Index) showed acceptable to good fit for 17 societies. Factor loadings were robust across societies and items. Of the 5,007 estimated parameters, 4 (0.08%) were outside the admissible parameter space, but 95% confidence intervals included the admissible space, indicating that the 4 deviant parameters could be due to sampling fluctuations. The findings are consistent with previous evidence for the generalizability of the 8-syndrome model in self-ratings from 29 societies, and support the 8-syndrome model for operationalizing phenotypes of adult psychopathology from multi-informant ratings in diverse societies.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)18-28
Number of pages11
JournalInternational Journal of Clinical and Health Psychology
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2015


  • Adult Behavior Checklist
  • Collateral reports
  • Descriptive survey study
  • International
  • Multicultural

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