Superabrasive wheels dressisng and new development of laser dressing

G.Y. Chen, X. Xie, L. Li, J. Liu, Kam Chuen Yung

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本文介绍了超硬磨料砂轮修整的现状和特点 ,指出超硬磨料砂轮修整的关键和亟待解决的问题。重点介绍一种很有前途的修整技术———激光修整 ,分析了其国内外近年来的研究情况。作者用声光调QYAG激光对树脂结合剂CBN砂轮进行了修锐试验 ,得出了声光调QYAG激光适宜修锐树脂结合剂砂轮的结论。对今后的超硬磨料砂轮激光修整的发展方向作了展望 :建立材料热去除模型和气体动力学模型 ,完善激光修整机理的研究 ;实现激光整形和修锐过程同时进行 ;深入研究激光精密修整技术 ;开发成形砂轮激光修整技术 ;开发自适应控制修整系统 ,实现激光在线修整 ;提高修整效率。||The current situation and characteristics of superabrasive wheels dressing are recommended in this paper.Keys of superabrasive wheels dressing and dressing problems to be solved are presented.A promising dressing technique--Laser Dressing is emphasized.Study on Laser Dressing at home and abroad in recent years has been analyzed.Dressing experiments are made on resin bonded CBN wheels with opto acoustic Q switched YAG Laser.A conclusion is made that opto acoustic Q switched YAG Laser is adaptive to dress resin bonded CBN wheel.Prospects of Laser Dressing on superabrasive wheels in the future are as follows:establishment of thermohydrodynamics model;improvement on study of dressing mechanism;implementation of laser truing and dressing simultaneously;deep study on Laser Precision Dressing;development of Laser profile dressing;development of adptive controlled dressing system;implementation of on line Laser Dressing and improvement of dressing efficiency.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)6-10
Number of pages5
Journal金刚石与磨料磨具工程 (Diamond & abrasives engineering)
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 2002


  • Superabrasive wheels
  • Laser truing and dressing
  • Opto acoustic Q switched YAG laser
  • Current situation
  • Prospect

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