Study on the characteristics of a biological fluidized bed in a magnetic field.

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The object of this study was to observe the fluidization behaviour of liquid/solid and gas/liquid/solid fluidized beds with magnetic immobilized enzyme support particles as the solid phase in a uniform magnetic field. The voidage of the liquid/solid beds and the average fast holdup and the radial distribution of holdup of the gas liquid solid bed in the magnetic fields were measured and correlated using empirical models. Fluidization in a magnetic field was also used in an immobilized cell catalyzed reaction system to test its applicability. The fluidized bed in magnetic field may find wide use in immobilized enzyme catalyzed processes. Some authors have studied the fluidization characteristics of the gas solid fluidized beds. However, the hydrodynamic behaviour of L-s and g-L-s beds has seldom been investigated. (A)
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Issue number3 , May 1987
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