Study on preparation and structural characteristics of ZnFe2O4nanocrystalline

Feng Cao, Xin Yong Li, Zhen Ping Qu, Hong Jin, Xie Quan, Guohua Chen

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In this paper, zinc ferrite nanocrystallines are prepared by the coincided coprecipitation and the hydro-thermal method. XRD, DRS, FT-IR and TEM techniques have been used to characterize the structural and spectral features of the obtained samples, whereas surface photovoltage characteristics of the nanocrystallines are deeply investigated by the surface photovoltage spectroscopy (SPS). The results show that the ZnFe2O4nanocrystallines with spinel structure have a narrower energy-gap, and the particles are uniform with narrow size distribution. The SPS results indicate that the ZnFe2O4nanocrystallines show obvious surface and quantum confined effect with a certain capability for capturing the electron, and the external electric field is proven to have a strong effect on the photovoltaic response while applying the external positive electric field. It is found that when a negative electric field reached a certain value, the external electric field of photovoltaic response will prevail.
Original languageEnglish
JournalGongneng Cailiao/Journal of Functional Materials
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2007
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  • Nanocrystalline
  • Photovoltage characteristics
  • Surface photovoltage spectroscopy
  • Zinc ferrite

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