Structural performance of cold formed sections with single and multiple web openings. Part 2: design rules

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In light gauge construction, the buildability of cold formed sections may be greatly improved by the provision of web openings which allows easy integration of building services within the section depth. In order to assess the structural implication of web openings to cold formed sections, the reduction in the web crippling and the moment resistances of perforated sections were investigated by the author. This paper presents a set of design rules for perforated cold formed sections which is formulated in accordance with Eurocode 3: Part 1.3. The resistances of the perforated sections are based on the effective sections of the perforated cross-sections and thus local buckling of the sections is incorporated. For perforated sections susceptible to 'Vierendeel' mechanism, a set of design rules based on structural design principles is formulated to allow for the effect of coexisting axial and shear forces on the local moment resistances of the perforated sections. Semi-empirical formulae are also established to evaluate the reduction factors to the web crippling resistances of cold formed sections to allow for the presence of web openings.
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