Structural behavior and design of large steel silos

Jinguang Teng, Y. Zhao

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筒仓结构广泛应用于农业、矿业、化工、电力等诸多领域中的散料储存。混凝土筒仓在国内已有许多应用 ,但钢筒仓的应用还很有限。过去二十年里国际上对钢筒仓结构的性能及强度进行了大量的研究 ,香港理工大学在近几年也进行了许多研究。本文总结了大型圆形钢筒仓结构行为及设计方面的近期研究进展。首先对钢筒仓的结构形式及散料荷载进行简单讨论 ,并介绍钢筒仓的主要破坏形式及相应的研究 ,给出了可供钢筒仓结构设计直接应用的部分主要设计公式。还介绍了钢筒仓结构设计中的计算机分析方法 ,最后指出钢筒仓结构尚需进一步研究的课题。||Silos are widely used for the storage of bulk solids.While concrete silos have found many applications in China,steel silos have found very limited applications up to now.Internationally,a large amount of research has been carried out in the last two decades on the behaviour and strengeh of steel silo structures.Vigorous research has also been undertaken at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the last few years.This paper provides a review of these research advances.Structural forms and bulk solid loadings are first discussed briefly.The likely failure modes and the existing research on each failure mode are then outlined,and design equations are presented for some of the failure modes.The direct use of computer analysis in the design of steel silos is also addressed.The paper concludes with a summary of issues that are yet to be studied.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)46-55
Number of pages10
Journal土木工程学报 (China civil engineering journal)
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • Steel silo
  • Structural behavior
  • Design
  • Buckling
  • Computer analysis

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