State of the art of research on the attribute uncertainty in GIS data

Wen Zhong Shi, S.L. Wang

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GIS中的不確定性可分為位置、屬性、時域、邏輯關系和完整性等幾個方面 .屬性數據的不確定將直接影響基于 GIS決策的準確性和可靠性 ,特別是對側重于屬性分析的領域 .本文首先總結了屬性不確定性的含義、來源、傳播、它和位置不確定性的關系 ,以及屬性不確定性分析和可視化的理論和方法 .最后概述了屬性不確定性的研究進展.||Uncertainty of spatial data in GIS can be in the aspect of position, attribute, temporary, logical relationship and completeness. Among them, attribute uncertainty can directly affect the quality of GIS-based decision making. In this paper, the concept and propagation of the attribute uncertainty are firstly described. Then the relationship between the attribute and position uncertainties is analyzed. Moreover, the theories and methods to study and visualize the attribute uncertainty are discussed. Attribute uncertainty of spatial describes the difference between the observed values of an entity attribute with their true values in spatial and temporal space. There are a number of theories and developed methods to deal with attribute uncertainties. These may include, for example, (1) object- and filed-based model; (2) probability theory, evidence theory, spatial statistics, "S" band model and probability vector which deal with random attribute uncertainties, while fuzzy set, rough set, genetic algorithms which deal with imprecise attribute uncertainties. Cloud theory can be used to deal with both randomness and fuzziness of attribute uncertainty. The relationship between x and μ(x ), fuzzy set is one to one, rough set is one to a region, and cloud theory is on one to a piece of cloud; (4) Visualization of attribute uncertainty which is based on Bertin geographical parameters and their extensions. Three-dimensional visualization and virtual reality are also helpful. Finally, the future research issues on attribute uncertainty are given.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)918-924
Number of pages7
Journal中囯图象图形学报 (China journal of image and graphics)
Issue number9
Publication statusPublished - 2001


  • Attribute uncertainty
  • GIS
  • Theories and methods

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