State-of-the-Art and Future of Geographic Information Systems in Hong Kong

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This paper presents an overview and analysis of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) in Hong Kong, through last 15 years of development in the territory. GIS in Hong Kong will be summarized in the following aspects: fundamental GIS data for Hong Kong, GIS applications in Hong Kong governmental departments, GIS applications in private sectors, GIS research and education in Hong Kong, Hong Kong GIS Association, issues for the future GIS development in Hong Kong. GIS was first adopted by Hong Kong governmental departments such as, the Lands Department and others. Today, some 15 different local governmental departments have applied GIS to support their daily works. The fundamental GIS data have been captured and managed by Lands Department. In private sectors, GIS was firstly introduced in the area of automated mapping and facility management (AM/FM) by local utility companies, and this has been further extended to telecommunication, real estate, intelligent transport system and others. Since several universities in Hong Kong play the major role for GIS research development and education, this group of people are even very active in the international communities related to GIS. Hong Kong GIS Association plays a key role in promoting GIS in Hong Kong. Although GIS development and applications in Hong Kong are getting mature, there are still a number of issues that affects its further development of GIS, e.g., developing an urban-levelled spatial data infrastructure for Hong Kong, towards a professional GIS institute for GIS industry in Hong Kong, the recognition of GIS profession in the local community and others.

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