Smart textiles (3): Very smart

X. X. Zhang, Xiaoming Tao

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These textiles sense, react and adapt themselves to environmental conditions or stimuli, and are the highest level of smart textiles. Surveyed here are research, development and applications relating to various garments-spacesuits, musical jackets, Smart Clothing, I-Wear, Datawear, Sports Jackets, Smart Clothes, Smart/"Intelligent" Bras, Smart Shoes, Wearable Computers etc. The layer system adopted for spacesuits is described with the fabrics used. The structure of Musical jackets is detailed. Smart Clothing brought together a number of manufacturers developing four functional segments - communication, navigation, user and environment monitoring and heating. Sporting activities are targeted here. I-Wear intelligent clothing incorporates communication devices, and Datawear clothing also interacts with a computer. Further examples are cited and described. Future prospects are briefly covered including a health care suit, heat insulating clothing, emotion clothes, military shelter, uniforms, parachute, media blanket and high performance sports clothing.
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Specialist publicationTextile Asia
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2001
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