Simultaneous Distributed Vibration and Temperature Sensing Using Multicore Fiber

Yunli Dang, Zhiyong Zhao, Xuefeng Wang, Ruolin Liao, Chao Lu

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Distributed optical fiber sensing that enables simultaneous vibration and temperature monitoring is demonstrated in this work, which is achieved by implementing polarization optical time-domain reflectometry (P-OTDR) and Raman optical time-domain reflectometry (ROTDR) respectively through space-division multiplexed (SDM) configuration in different cores of a multicore fiber (MCF). Optimized system setup is obtained in the proposed hybrid system, where only one laser source is used, and the generated pulse is shared by the two reflectometers. Owing to the reason that separate interrogation fiber cores are used by the two reflectometers, the proposed hybrid system allows for simultaneous measurements of spontaneous Raman and Rayleigh scattering signals, thus it no longer suffers from the incompatible pump power levels issue, which results from different pump power demands, and hinders the implementation of the hybrid system in single mode fiber due to the fiber nonlinear effects imposed restriction. In addition, in order to extend the sensing range, we also explore the employment of wavelet transform denoising technique in the improvement of signal-to-noise ratio of ROTDR measurement. Eventually, simultaneous distributed vibration and temperature sensing in 5.76 km sensing range with 3 m spatial resolution and 0.57 °C temperature uncertainty has been demonstrated. The proposed hybrid sensing system has the outstanding advantage of high reliability, since the cross-sensitivity issue is effectively mitigated, which shows great potential for pipeline monitoring in oil and gas industry.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8876632
Pages (from-to)151818-151826
Number of pages9
JournalIEEE Access
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2019


  • distributed temperature sensing
  • distributed vibration sensing
  • Multicore fiber
  • space-division multiplexing

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