Simon Lam (Inventor)

Research output: Patents, agreements, assignments and companiesPatents granted


Provided herein is a respirator with adjustable straps that can achieve tight-fitting on most wearers. The respirator includes a mask
body, an upper strap, and a lower strap. The mask body is adapted to fit over a mouth and a nose of a wearer. The upper and lower
straps are both detachably attached to the mask body by threading through at least one upper anchor structure and one lower anchor
structure respectively. Each of the upper strap and the lower strap comprises markings for indicating at least one upper position on
the upper strap and at least one lower position on the lower strap. The upper position defines a first length of the upper strap and the
lower position defines a second length of the lower strap that the respirator fits to the wearer with increased consistency when the
upper and lower straps are stretched over the wearer’s head.
Original languageEnglish
Patent number30053401
Filing date11/12/20
Publication statusPublished - 4 Feb 2022


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