Research on rule-based generalization of vegetation map

W. Gao, Shuk Ching Lilian Cheng

Research output: Journal article publicationJournal articleAcademic research


植被地圖綜合是專題地圖綜合的一個特例 ,需要遵循地理數據綜合規則 ,以解決因表達空間縮小而造成的地物要素間的沖突問題 ,確保圖面上圖形表達的合理、清晰和美觀 ;同時植被地圖綜合也要遵循植被分布自身的規律。該文主要研究和分析影響植被地圖綜合的主要規則 ,首先描述植被地圖的特征 ,在此基礎上分析討論影響植被地圖綜合的主要綜合規則 ,并簡要介紹了用于表達綜合規則的產生式規則方法 ,用實例描述了這些規則在植被地圖綜合各個階段的應用和結果 ,以此來反映綜合規則在植被地圖綜合過程中的重要性。||Vegetation map generalization is one of special cases of thematic map generalization. The generalization of vegetation map should be controlled by the generalization rules to solve the conflicts of map elements in smaller mapping space in order to keep map reasonable and clear. And the vegetation map generalization should follow the rules of vegetation distribution. The main subject of this paper is to discuss the rules which influence the vegetation map generalization and the application of these rules. The paper first depicts the nature of vegetation map, then introduces the basic concept of Production-Rule method for the representation of generalization rules. In the third section, the main rules of vegetation map generalization are analyzed in detail and some of them are represented with the Production-Rule method as examples. An example depicts the application of these rules and the results of generalization in the forth section. At last a conclusion part in the fifth section summarizes the contents of the paper and discusses the future works.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)7-11
Number of pages5
Journal地理與地理信息科學 (Geography and geo-information science)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2004


  • Vegetation map
  • Map generalization
  • Generalization rules
  • Generalization operation

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