Reducing Slip Risk: A Feasibility Study of Gait Training with Semi-Real-Time Feedback of Foot–Floor Contact Angle

Christina Zong Hao Ma, Tian Bao, Christopher A. Dicesare, Isaac Harris, April Chambers, Peter B. Shull, Yong Ping Zheng, Rakie Cham, Kathleen H. Sienko

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Slip-induced falls, responsible for approximately 40% of falls, can lead to severe injuries and in extreme cases, death. A large foot–floor contact angle (FFCA) during the heel-strike event has been associated with an increased risk of slip-induced falls. The goals of this feasibility study were to design and assess a method for detecting FFCA and providing cues to the user to generate a compensatory FFCA response during a future heel-strike event. The long-term goal of this research is to train gait in order to minimize the likelihood of a slip event due to a large FFCA. An inertial measurement unit (IMU) was used to estimate FFCA, and a speaker provided auditory semi-real-time feedback when the FFCA was outside of a 10–20 degree target range following a heel-strike event. In addition to training with the FFCA feedback during a 10-min treadmill training period, the healthy young participants completed pre-and post-training overground walking trials. Results showed that training with FFCA feedback increased FFCA events within the target range by 16% for “high-risk” walkers (i.e., participants that walked with more than 75% of their FFCAs outside the target range) both during feedback treadmill trials and post-training overground trials without feedback, supporting the feasibility of training FFCA using a semi-real-time FFCA feedback system.

Original languageEnglish
Article number3641
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2022


  • feedback
  • foot–floor contact angle
  • gait training
  • inertial measurement unit
  • slip

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