Reconsideration of loop gain and its measurement in DC-DC converters

Xinbo Ruan, Chun Xiong, Xin Li, Xiaoling Xiong, Qian Jin, Mengke Sha, Chi K. Tse

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Two measurement schemes, namely, the modulation signal perturbation scheme and the pulse perturbation scheme, have been used for evaluating the loop gain of dc-dc converters. However, the two measured loop gains do not give consistent results due to the use of different forms of the injected small perturbation signal, and the difference in the two schemes cannot be distinguished by the usual averaged model. In this paper, the two loop gain measurement schemes are analyzed based on an extended-frequency-range small-signal model. Expressions of the loop gain are derived and their use in stability assessment and derivation of closed loop transfer functions is demonstrated. A sample-and-hold scheme is proposed as a simple alternative implementation of the pulse perturbation scheme. Finally, experimental prototypes of buck, boost, and buck-boost converters are tested for verification of the analytical results and the effectiveness of the sample-and-hold scheme.

Original languageEnglish
Article number8477169
Pages (from-to)6906-6921
Number of pages16
JournalIEEE Transactions on Power Electronics
Issue number7
Publication statusPublished - Jul 2019


  • Extended-frequency-range small-signal model
  • loop gain
  • modulation signal perturbation scheme
  • pulse perturbation scheme
  • sample-and-hold

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  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering


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