Recent progress in neutrino factory and muon collider research within the Muon Collaboration

Mohammad M. Alsharo'a, Charles M. Ankenbrandt, Muzaffer Atac, Bruno R. Autin, Valeri I. Balbekov, Vernon D. Barger, Odette Benary, J. Roger J. Bennett, Michael S. Berger, J. Scott Berg, Martin Berz, Edgar L. Black, Alain Blondel, S. Alex Bogacz, M. Bonesini, Stephen B. Bracker, Alan D. Bross, Luca Bruno, Elizabeth J. Buckley-Geer, Allen C. CaldwellMario Campanelli, Kevin W. Cassel, M. Gabriela Catanesi, Swapan Chattopadhyay, Weiren Chou, David B. Cline, Linda R. Coney, Janet M. Conrad, John N. Corlett, Lucien Cremaldi, Mary Anne Cummings, Christine Darve, Fritz DeJongh, Alexandr Drozhdin, Paul Drumm, V. Daniel Elvira, Deborah Errede, Adrian Fabich, William M. Fawley, Richard C. Fernow, Massimo Ferrario, David A. Finley, Nathaniel J. Fisch, Yasuo Fukui, Miguel A. Furman, Tony A. Gabriel, Raphael Galea, Juan C. Gallardo, Roland Garoby, Alper A. Garren, Stephen H. Geer, Simone Gilardoni, Andreas J. Van Ginneken, Ilya F. Ginzburg, Romulus Godang, Maury Goodman, Michael R. Gosz, Michael A. Green, Peter Gruber, John F. Gunion, Ramesh Gupta, John R. Haines, Klaus Hanke, Gail G. Hanson, Tao Han, Michael Haney, Don Hartill, Robert E. Hartline, Helmut D. Haseroth, Ahmed Hassanein, Kara Hoffman, Norbert Holtkamp, E. Barbara Holzer, Colin Johnson, Rolland P. Johnson, Carol Johnstone, Klaus Jungmann, Stephen A. Kahn, Daniel M. Kaplan, Eberhard K. Keil, Eun San Kim, Kwang Je Kim, Bruce J. King, Harold G. Kirk, Yoshitaka Kuno, Tony S. Ladran, Wing W. Lau, John G. Learned, Valeri Lebedev, Paul Lebrun, Kevin Lee, Jacques A. Lettry, Marco Laveder, Derun Li, Alessandra Lombardi, Changguo Lu, Kyoko Makino, Vladimir Malkin, D. Marfatia, Kirk T. McDonald

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We describe the status of our effort to realize a first neutrino factory and the progress made in understanding the problems associated with the collection and cooling of muons towards that end. We summarize the physics that can be done with neutrino factories as well as with intense cold beams of muons. The physics potential of muon colliders is reviewed, both as Higgs factories and compact high-energy lepton colliders. The status and time scale of our research and development effort is reviewed as well as the latest designs in cooling channels including the promise of ring coolers in achieving longitudinal and transverse cooling simultaneously. We detail the efforts being made to mount an international cooling experiment to demonstrate the ionization cooling of muons.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)22-73
Number of pages52
JournalPhysical Review Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams
Issue number8
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2003
Externally publishedYes

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  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
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