Rapport - How the weight it carries affects the way it is managed

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This paper discusses the management of rapport by a group of English-language teachers through their request e-mail discourse. The group was regarded as a community of practice consisting of two types of members - core and peripheral. The paper explores and compares the ways the core and peripheral members managed rapport while making requests through e-mails. It is argued that to the two types of members, rapport weighed differently and was thus managed differently by differential manipulation of three aspects of the macro-structure of the discourse including (i) the blending of discourses, (ii) the generic structure of the request e-mails, and (iii) the rhetorical approach chosen. The observed differences in rapport management are explained with reference to the career prospects and duties of the e-mail authors. KG.
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  • community of practice
  • e-mail
  • interdiscursivity
  • move
  • rapport management
  • rhetorical approach

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