Radiomics-Based Detection of COVID-19 from Chest X-ray Using Interpretable Soft Label-Driven TSK Fuzzy Classifier

Yuanpeng Zhang, Dongrong Yang, Saikit Lam, Bing Li, Xinzhi Teng, Jiang Zhang, Ta Zhou, Zongrui Ma, Tin Cheung Ying, Jing Cai

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The COVID-19 pandemic has posed a significant global public health threat with an escalating number of new cases and death toll daily. The early detection of COVID-related CXR abnormality potentially allows the early isolation of suspected cases. Chest X-Ray (CXR) is a fast and highly accessible imaging modality. Recently, a number of CXR-based AI models have been developed for the automated detection of COVID-19. However, most existing models are difficult to interpret due to the use of incomprehensible deep features in their models. Confronted with this, we developed an interpretable TSK fuzzy system in this study for COVID-19 detection using radiomics features extracted from CXR images. There are two main contributions. (1) When TSK fuzzy systems are applied to classification tasks, the commonly used binary label matrix of training samples is transformed into a soft one in order to learn a more discriminant transformation matrix and hence improve classification accuracy. (2) Based on the assumption that the samples in the same class should be kept as close as possible when they are transformed into the label space, the compactness class graph is introduced to avoid overfitting caused by label matrix relaxation. Our proposed model for a multi-categorical classification task (COVID-19 vs. No-Findings vs. Pneumonia) was evaluated using 600 CXR images from publicly available datasets and compared against five state-of-the-art AI models in aspects of classification accuracy. Experimental findings showed that our model achieved classification accuracy of over 83%, which is better than the state-of-the-art models, while maintaining high interpretability.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2613
Issue number11
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2022


  • class compactness graph
  • COVID-19
  • radiomics
  • soft label
  • TSK fuzzy systems

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  • Clinical Biochemistry


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