Psychometric Properties of the Chinese Version of the Self-Report Family Inventory: Findings Based on a Longitudinal Study

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Objective: The psychometric properties of the Chinese Self-Report Family Inventory (SFI) over time were examined. Method: The Chinese SFI was administered to 756 Chinese parents and their adolescent children (N = 378) on two occasions separated by 1 year. Results: The Chinese SFI was internally consistent in different samples at different times. Factor analyses revealed that two factors were abstractedfrom the scale (Family Health and Family Pathology), and they could be replicated in different samples at different times. Conclusions: The temporal stability of the psychometric properties of the Chinese SFI is supported by the present findings. This study demonstrates the importance of utilizing longitudinal data based on different samples to examine the psychometric properties of measures of psychosocial and family functioning in the social work context.
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