Pronounced Infinity (2021 SFTI)

Sun Young Choi

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    This study aims to apply perspective implementing a 3-dimensional world on a 2-dimensional plane to a suit so extend its expression and availability. Hence, two research objectives were set up. The first is to suggest a new way of clothing construction which increases a sense of depth and infinity. The second is to develop a colourful print pattern which is formal but wearable as party wear, escaping from the strictly classic suit.
    In general, aerial perspective and linear or point projection perspective have been used in graphic arts. In particular, linear perspective is a technique to give the sense of infinity and reality to a 2-dimensional plane by drawing an object smaller or shorter as the distance increases. Assuming that two parallel lines run straight before the observer's eyes, one-point perspective in linear perspective creates a vanishing point on the horizon. It makes us feel infinity. Unlike graphic arts, clothing is a result which implemented a 3-dimensional form through the 2-dimensional fabric. From such a process, a shape is created on the surface of clothing or space is formed between body and clothing. In other words, both surface design and structural design are possible. In terms of the surface design of the suit, the research developed the printing pattern to maximize the sense of depth and infinity. In addition, it developed the new clothing construction method to add the spatial sensation to the structure of the suit.
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    Publication statusPublished - 30 Oct 2021
    Event2021 SFTI International Invited Fashion Exhibition: NOW, COVID 19 - BEXCO, Exhibition Center 1, Busan, Korea, Republic of
    Duration: 28 Oct 202130 Oct 2021

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