Preparation of multi-functional fabric via silver/reduced graphene oxide coating with poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) modification

Can Wang, Ronghui Guo, Jianwu Lan, Lin Tan, Shou-xiang Kinor Jiang, Cheng Xiang

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In order to obtain multi-functional textile, polyester (PET) fabric was modified with poly(diallyldimethylammonium chloride) (PDDA) followed by silver/reduced graphene oxide (Ag/RGO) coating through chemical reduction method. The Ag/RGO coated PET fabrics were systematically characterized by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, scanning electron microscope and X-ray diffraction. The deposit weight, electrical resistance, static voltage half-life period, heat generation and water contact angle tests of the fabrics with and without PDDA modification were evaluated. It is concluded that there are uniform and dense silver particles and reduced graphene oxide (RGO) sheets deposit on the surface of the PET fabric modified with PDDA. Compared with the coated fabric without PDDA modification, the Ag/RGO coated PET fabric modified with PDDA shows lower electrical resistance of 0.173 Ω/sq, excellent antistatic property with half-life period of 0.5 s, heat generation with temperature keeping to 69.6 °C at voltage of 4 V and hydrophobicity with a water contact angle of 140.1°. Furthermore, the PDDA modification improves adhesion between Ag/RGO coating and PET substrate. In addition, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding effectiveness (SE), absorption and reflection characteristics were determined by a vector network analyzer in 1 GHz–18 GHz X-band range. The results exhibit that Ag/RGO coated PET fabric possesses an excellent EMI SE ranging from 52 to 57 dB and could be used as lightweight and flexible electromagnetic absorption materials.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)8010-8019
Number of pages10
JournalJournal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics
Issue number10
Publication statusPublished - 1 May 2018

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