Preparation of Cobalt Sulfide Nanoparticle-Decorated Nitrogen and Sulfur Co-Doped Reduced Graphene Oxide Aerogel Used as a Highly Efficient Electrocatalyst for Oxygen Reduction Reaction

Zhimin Luo, Chaoliang Tan, Xiao Zhang, Junze Chen, Xiehong Cao, Bing Li, Yun Zong, Ling Huang, Xiao Huang, Lianhui Wang, Wei Huang, Hua Zhang

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A novel 3D cobalt sulfide (CoS) nanoparticle-decorated nitrogen and sulfur co-doped reduced graphene oxide aerogel (NSGA), referred to as CoS/NSGA, is prepared via three sequential processes, i.e., freeze-drying, annealing, and sulfidization. The obtained CoS/NSGA exhibits excellent electrocatalytic performance in the alkaline solution.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5920-5926
Number of pages7
Issue number43
Publication statusPublished - Nov 2016
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  • 3D
  • cobalt sulfide nanoparticles
  • electrocatalyst
  • graphene oxide aerogels
  • oxygen reduction reaction

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