Preparation and performance of KNN-based upconversion transparent ceramics

Zhi Ming Geng, Kun Li, Dong Liang Shi, Xia Yu Shi, Haitao Huang, Helen Lai Wa Chan

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Upconversion transparent ceramics K0.5(1-y)Na0.5(1-y)LiyNb1-yBiyO3-Er0.005Yb0.005x(Er3+/Yb3+:KNNLB, x=0-3, y=0-0.09) were fabricated by hot-press sintering process using LiBiO3as additives. The microstructure, optical transparency and upconversion fluorescence were investigated.The results show that the crystalline phase of the ceramics is orthorhombic-perovskite structure.The ceramics are well densified, and the grain size of the ceramics is about 0.5 μm.These ceramics present good transparency in the infrared and the long-wavelength visible regions, but the optical transparency declines rapidly in the visible region as the amount of Yb3+and Er3+ions increases.The transparency of the ceramics with y = 0.06 and x = 0 reaches 45% in the visible region and over 95% in the infrared region(the thickness of the sample is 0.5 mm).The strong upconversion fluorescence is observed when the ceramics are excited by the 900 nm-wavelength light of an xenon lamp.
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)1265-1269
Number of pages5
JournalWuji Cailiao Xuebao/Journal of Inorganic Materials
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2014


  • Hot-pressing
  • Sodium potassium niobate
  • Transparent ceramic
  • Upconversion emission

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