Preliminary research of sonomyography(SMG) based on correlation tracking

J. Shi, Yongping Zheng, Z.Z. Yan, K.Y. Zhou

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骨骼肌的力学特性总是和它的结构形态 相关的。超声可以准确的反映骨骼肌运动过程中的空间形态变化,是研究骨骼肌运动形态特性非常有效的工具。文章介绍了一套可以无干扰、同步、连续采集超声信 号、力或力矩、角度、肌电信号等骨骼肌相关参量的超声运动与弹性测量系统,并基于此系统,利用相关跟踪算法来获取前臂桡侧腕伸肌在手腕屈伸时的运动轨迹。 实验结果表明,相关跟踪算法简单、直接,而又不失准确性,而由相关跟踪得到的前臂桡侧腕伸肌的肌肉厚度和手腕屈伸角度之间存在着非线性的关系,同时骨骼肌 的多参量结合研究也是可行的。 ||The mechanical properties of skeletal muscles are always related to their architectural changes.Ultrasound is a useful tool to study skeletal muscle that can be used to monitor dimen-sional architectural changes of muscle.In this paper,ultrasound measurement of motion and elasticity system is introduced,which can synchronously and continuously acquire different kinds of data including ultrasound signals,EMG signals,angle,force,etc.,without disturbance.Based on this system,the locomotory track of muscle thickness of extensor carpi radialis is obtained with a correlation tracking algorithm during wrist flexion-extension.The results show that the correlation-tracking algorithm is simple,fast,and accurate.They also prove that relation between wrist angle and muscle thickness of extensor carpi radialis is nonlinear.The study of skeletal muscle with multi-parameters is feasible. 
Original languageChinese (Simplified)
Pages (from-to)42-45
Number of pages4
Journal声学技术 (Technical acoustics)
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 2007


  • Ultrasound
  • Sonomyography
  • Correlation tracking

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