Predictors for return to work after physical injury in China: A one-year review

Zhongfei Bai, Danyang Song, Huan Deng, Cecilia W.P. Li-Tsang (Corresponding Author)

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Background: Several studies have explored the factors influencing patients' return to work (RTW) status. However, only few studies have tried to explore the predictors for RTW in subpopulations in terms of different levels of disability, particularly in the Chinese population. Objective: This study describes the trends in patient's RTW and explores the predictors associated with RTW for patients with work-related injury in Mainland China. Methods: A total of 457 patients with different types of injury were followed up for one year. Patients were stratified into three groups according to the grade of disability as follows: mild, moderate, and severe. Variables affecting RTW were then compared between the three groups, and multiple logistic regression was performed to identify the predictors for RTW. Results: The RTW rates during the study period were significantly different among the three groups. RTW tended to increase rapidly during the early stage, but the increase plateaued during the later stage. For the mild disability group, educational level, expectation to RTW, and other types of injury (e.g., spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury, and burn) were significant predictors for RTW. White-collar work and better employer satisfaction were positive predictors for RTW for the moderate group. Meanwhile, no significant predictor for RTW was determined for the severe disability group. Conclusions: RTW tended to increase rapidly during the early stage, but the increase plateaued during the later stage. The predictors for RTW also varied among the patients with different levels of disability. These predictors may help vocational rehabilitation service providers provide more accurate intervention.

Original languageEnglish
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Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 2018


  • disability
  • severity of disability
  • Tendency
  • vocational rehabilitation
  • workers with physical injuries

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