Piezoresistivity, mechanisms and model of cement-based materials with CNT/NCB composite fillers

Liqing Zhang, Siqi Ding, Sufen Dong, Zhen Li, Jian Ouyang, Xun Yu, Baoguo Han

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The use of conductive cement-based materials as sensors has attracted intense interest over past decades. In this paper, carbon nanotube (CNT)/nano carbon black (NCB) composite fillers made by electrostatic self-assembly are used to fabricate conductive cement-based materials. Electrical and piezoresistive properties of the fabricated cement-based materials are investigated. Effect of filler content, load amplitudes and rate on piezoresistive property within elastic regime and piezoresistive behaviors during compressive loading to destruction are explored. Finally, a model describing piezoresistive property of cement-based materials with CNT/NCB composite fillers is established based on the effective conductive path and tunneling effect theory. The research results demonstrate that filler content and load amplitudes have obvious effect on piezoresistive property of the composites materials, while load rate has little influence on piezoresistive property. During compressive loading to destruction, the composites also show sensitive piezoresistive property. Therefore, the cement-based composites can be used to monitor the health state of structures during their whole life. The built model can well describe the piezoresistive property of the composites during compressive loading to destruction. The good match between the model and experiment data indicates that tunneling effect actually contributes to piezoresistive phenomenon.

Original languageEnglish
Article number125704
JournalMaterials Research Express
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - Dec 2017


  • cement
  • CNT/NCB composite fillers
  • mechanisms
  • model
  • piezoresistivity

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