Photoactive cotton fabric for UV protection and self-cleaning

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Development of textile materials with tailored properties by coating with nano-materials is an emerging field of research. The preparation and characterization of photoactive cotton fabric for UV protection and self-cleaning properties are reported herein. In this study, a photoactive sol comprising of a reactive blue dye, C.I. Reactive Blue 21 (RB-21), and TiO2 was prepared by using sol gel method. The TiO2 nano sol was mixed with RB-21 to extend its photocatalytic activity in the visible region of the solar spectrum. The cotton fabric was coated with the RB-21/TiO2 sol via dip-pad-dry-cure method. Surface characterization of the coated cotton fabric was performed by FTIR-ATR, UV-visible absorption, XRD and SEM studies. FTIR-ATR and UV-visible spectra confirmed stable attachment of the photoactive RB-21/TiO2 coating on the cotton fabric. SEM images and XRD pattern shown the presence of anatase TiO2 on the coated cotton fabric. UV-protection, photocatalytic performance and self-cleaning properties of the coated cotton fabric were evaluated by the UV transmittance spectra, degradation of Rhodamine B (RhB) dye and stain removal under visible light respectively. Degradation of RhB was observed in the presence of RB-21/TiO2 coated cotton when exposed to visible light. Moreover, the coated cotton fabrics displayed excellent UV protection properties.

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Publication statusPublished - 12 Jun 2019

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