Performance of diesel oxidation catalyst for a light duty vehicle under Hong Kong driving conditions

C. P. Wong, Tat Leung Chan, Chun Wah Leung, Chun Shun Cheung

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In Hong Kong, diesel emission standard for light duty vehicles has been tightened with respect to their influence to the air quality. In the present study, on-road measurement tests were performed to evaluate the effectiveness of Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) on a 5.5 tonnes light duty vehicle (Euro I diesel engine) under Hong Kong driving conditions. The concentration of gaseous emissions, particle numbers and size distributions were determined by a series of regulated gas analyzer instruments and the Aerodynamic Particle Sizer (APS), The results show that gaseous emissions and exhaust particles are reduced significantly due to the use of DOC. It is also found that the catalyst is unable to function efficiently when the vehicle is cold start. With the application of the DOC, reduction in smoke level can reach a maximum of up to 37% when the vehicle is travelling uphill.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)393-401
Number of pages9
JournalAdvances in Transport
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2000
EventSixth International Conference on Urban Transport and the Environment for the 21st Century, URBAN TRANSPORT VI - Cambridge, United Kingdom
Duration: 26 Jul 200028 Jul 2000

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