Performance evaluation of a stand-alone photovoltaic system on an isolated island in Hong Kong

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Currently one of the most promising power solutions for remote rural areas and isolated islands which are far away from utility grid is the stand-alone solar photovoltaic (PV) renewable energy system or hybrid solar-wind power system. This paper presents the investigation results of a real remote solar PV project on an island in Hong Kong. The stand-alone PV system, rated at 19.8kWp, is established on a remote island for power generation to local residents. Power on this island was originally supplied by diesel generators and this new solar energy system has significantly reduced fuel costs and alleviated environmental pollution. The on-site entire system's operating data was collected for one whole year in 2011, and the energy performance of the PV array, inverters, battery bank and the entire PV system were analyzed in terms of daily energy balance, normalized performance parameters and overall system energy utilization ratio. The results from this long term system monitoring and its evaluation enables a detailed inspection of system operating performance with respect to the technical issues, which provides a useful reference for future applications of solar photovoltaics in remote islands.
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  • Normalized parameters
  • Performance evaluation
  • Remote islands
  • Stand-alone photovoltaic system

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