Perception of E-health Technology Scale in Chinese Brief (PETS-C Brief): Translation, item reduction, and psychometric testing

Rick Yiu Cho Kwan, Simon Ching Lam, Shao Ling Wang, Kwan Ching Wong, Lei Shi, Kam Yuet Wong (Corresponding Author)

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Introduction: Perception of e-health is a broad concept involving many aspects of values and thoughts related to e-health. It is an important precursor to using e-health technologies to promote health. The purpose of this study is to validate an instrument for measuring perceptions of e-health technology among healthcare professionals.

Methods: This methodological study was conducted in China. We based on an existing instrument to develop a new instrument (i.e. PETS-C Brief). In phase 1, we modified and translated the existing instrument into Chinese. Subsequently, we employed the modified and translated instrument to conduct a cross-sectional survey. In phase 2, we randomly selected data from 400 participants to run an exploratory factor analysis and item analysis to reduce the number of items and develop factors. In phase 3, we employed the data from the remaining participants to run a confirmatory factor analysis to confirm the instrument structure.

Results: In phase 1, the modified and translated instrument showed good content and face validities (S-CVI = 0.96, mean comprehensibility = 93.5%). 1338 participants completed the survey. In phase 2, the number of items was reduced from 40 to 19, which demonstrated a 4-factor model. In phase 3, the goodness-of-fit of the 4-factor PETS-C Brief was shown to be acceptable (χ2/d.f. = 6.40, CFI = 0.93, RMR = 0.40, NFI = 0.92, RMSEA = 0.076, IFI = 0.93).

Discussion: This study suggests using this instrument to survey perceptions of e-health technology in Chinese people. Future studies should examine its other important psychometric properties, including convergent/discriminant and predictive validity on behaviors using e-health technology.
Original languageEnglish
JournalDigital Health
Issue number20552076221126055
Publication statusPublished - 21 Sept 2022


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