Perceived parental behavioral control and psychological control in Chinese adolescents in Hong Kong: A replication

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Perceived paternal and maternal behavioral control (including dimensions of parental knowledge, expectation, monitoring, discipline and demandingness) and psychological control in 2,748 Chinese Secondary 2 students were examined. Results showed that two stable dimensions (paternal and maternal behavioral control) were extracted from the parental behavioral control measures. Although different dimensions of parental behavioral control were inter-related, parental monitoring was the strongest predictor of parental knowledge. Regarding the relationship between behavioral control and psychological control, composite parental behavioral control measures were weakly related to parental psychological control and different aspects of parental behavioral control were differentially related to parental psychological control. The present findings replicated previous findings based on Chinese Secondary 1 students.
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JournalFamily Therapy
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Publication statusPublished - 15 May 2008
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